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Attorney Reed Moran is a life-long resident of Santa Rosa. After attending Cardinal Newman High School, he went on to earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from San Jose State University. Following that, he chose to study law at Empire College School of Law in Santa Rosa. This is where he earned his Masters in Legal Studies and Juris Doctorate with Cum Laude honors. Attorney Moran also earned Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Award and the Witkin Award for Academic Excellence in Torts while at Empire College School of Law.

Attorney Moran spent an additional five years in Human Resources before entering the field of law. He is well known for his community service throughout Sonoma County. Recently, he helped victims of crime who were non-citizens obtain a “U-Visa”. He has also aided community members with various family law matters.

Do you Have a Sonoma County Civil Case?

Civil litigation we handle in Sonoma County generally involves or is between individuals and/or organizations. Think of civil law as a process that exists in our legal system to help right a wrong. Civil law is designed to ensure good behavior between people. It can also mean regulating the behavior of people toward the property of others. A civil case can result in monetary compensation from one individual or organization to another.

What to Expect in a Civil Case: A case is brought forward seeking monetary settlement for damages. These damages may be considered physical or emotional. Often the plaintiff and the attorney have worked together to prepare the lawsuit as a result of a dispute between individuals, businesses, government, or other groups.

In a civil case, someone is being sued. The purpose of the civil case is to clearly determine if in fact that person is responsible for whatever injuries occurred. In civil lawsuits, there is no obligation by the attorney to take on a case on a contingency basis.

Perhaps you have the heard the words "prepeonderance of the evidence" used in reference to civil cases. These words describe what the attorney must be able to show. In other words, is there clearly enough evidence to prove the claim being stated. By contrast, criminal cases use the terminology "beyond a reasonable doubt" - a situation that can often be much more challenging to actually prove.

If you are considering any of the following questions, it is recommended you consult with an Attorney:

How do I file a civil lawsuit against a Santa Rosa company?
How should I respond to a civil lawsuit I was served with?
Is there a time limit in the Sonoma County court to file a lawsuit?
Where in Sonoma County do I file a lawsuit?
Do I have a solid civil case against someone?

Keep in mind that a civil attorney may be able to settle your civil case before it is filed with the court and/or without going to trial. Upon discussion with your attorney, you may find this option to be more cost-efficient and less time consuming. Sonoma County courts already handle a large volume of cases and if every case had to go to trial, the sheer volume could be overwhelming.

Do you have a civil law question? Please click the "Submit a Question" button to ask me a question.

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